Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Floral Torans

Here is one more Toran. I don't think I can exactly call it a Toran, since it is not hanging from the door jamb or the upper part of it. But just have a look at this: 

This is made of Gerberas, pink yellow and orange and was placed just on top of the main door. One can either use a single colour or two or multi coloured flowers. This concept of single or multi coloured flowers can even be continued inside the house. That is, flower arrangements at corners or side tables, dining table or in vases etc.   

I like this idea of decorating the doorway-something different and modern. 

You can also see the marigold flowers. Actually they were hanging on either side of the door frame too. I could not capture that. 

Next time you can try it too for parties or pooja. It would look so different.

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looking nice