Sunday, September 4, 2011

Red Crystal Necklaces

Here are two pieces I made from Red Crystals. For that you need:

Red Crystals
Gold plated discs
Gold plated nuts( small thin discs)
Clasps (I have used chain and hook type)
String or wire

These crystals are sold string wise either 60 or 100 per string and cost depends on this. This is smallest size and known as cut crystals as the surface has many facets. The light falling on these facets is reflected and gives it a shine. The difference between these crystals and ordinary (uncut ones) is that these look more like made of some precious stones due to their shiny surfaces. There also bigger ones and also transparent and opaque. These are available in rainbow colours. So choose according to your taste and colour preference.

The first one is very simple and does not have any pendant.
I have first stringed a gold disc then red crystal again gold disc so on till I finished with the crystals. Then I have finished off by adding the clasp.

You can add the discs one for every two or three or five beads or more than one gold disc between the beads depending on your taste and choice. it is better to string in a few crystals and gold discs in different combinations to see which one you like and then finally go for the design. You can also use gold beads, stone studded discs or beads according to your choice. 

The second one I have added a simple pendant. Also I have used gold plated nuts between the beads. Near the pendant and in between I used five discs to give it a bit of rich look. Then I finished it off with adding the clasp.

Both these designs I have kept simple so that it can be worn daily or even to work. So try it out...

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