Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Hamsa-The Swan

Hi all. I am going to post free patterns on Friday once again. I have been very busy these past weeks and still am. But many of my friends have requested me to continue to post these designs. So here I am:

This is once again Hamsa or Swan. This is a traditional Indian motif, folk motif. I found this block printed on a cloth. I have improvised it because the original one was not much suitable for embroidery or painting.

This can be used for embroidery or fabric painting also on greeting cards. Chain, Satin, Stem Stitches can be used. Or the outline can be done in Chain or stem and can be filled in with any of the filling stitches. Cotton and silk threads are best suited. Kundans, metallic threads can be used for a different look. Embroidering the entire motif with gold thread (on off white or other dark coloured back ground) of same or different thickness can be used. Similarly embroidering with silver on black or blue coloured back ground will also be beautiful. Well the choice is endless for a creative mind.

These motifs are good for saris, blouses, dresses or even for bags etc. 

Watch out for free pattern every Friday.....


Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you for starting the free patterns again

Anonymous said...

very beautiful