Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Flower Pots

Here is the Flower Pots Rangoli with flower plants and butterflies. 

This 15 to 1 dots(Straight). The pots can be drawn straight too.

It is very easy and colourful. Colouring it is also easy as one has to fill in small spaces at a time.

Hope you like this.

Watch out for more.....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Cheers!

At last after an year of buying my sewing machine, I bought the table and chair for it. I have not fully acquainted myself with this new machine.

I learnt sewing on my Mom's 45 year old Usha hand machine. My Mom is very good with it. She used to sew all her sari blouses and still does. All our clothes right from our child hood  to our teens were stitched by her.

Previous to that, she used to sew by hand and my late aunt, used to always praise my Mom's sewing. She used to say that my Mom's stitching was so perfect that it looked as if stitched by a sewing machine. My Mom also embroiders very beautifully.

My passion in Needle Work is genetical :) :) and  I got it from my Maternal Grand Mother and My Mom. All my maternal aunts are very proficient in sewing, embroidery and other crafts. 

Well I am going to take some time out for my self in the next month after I finish my present project. It has taken its toll on me and I feel so tired and burnt out after working long and heavy schedules. I need to revive my self. So what better than Arts N Crafts therapy? 

I am eagerly looking forward to it.....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Here is one more pattern.

This is a folk motif. It looks like a horse-or is it a camel? I am not sure. But I found it very beautiful. This, I found as a block print on a sari. I improvised it a bit.

This can be used for embroidery, block printing and painting too. This can be used for greeting cards. If you are using this for embroidery, used any of the Indian stitches to make it more ethnic-Kanta, aari, or any other such stitches. Chain, herringbone, running or back stitches, crewel or gold work may also look good. 

Well, hope you use this motif.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is this flower?

Hi friends, These days I am too tired after a long days work. I have so much to share with you all, which needs  a lot of typing. Which is very difficult for me with pain in my neck, shoulders and arms due to spending the whole day before the computer. I am also travelling a lot, which is draining my energy. Another week or two and I will be free.

Mean while I have a puzzle for you. Can you solve it for me please? I have a creeper or vine in my garden. Its blooms are white in colour and give off a nice heady fragrance. I don't know what it is called.

These are the blooms. They flower in bunches and have very subtle but heady fragrance.
This is how the creeper looks. mine is small as i am cultivating it in a pot for Bonsai.

If any one knows its name please let me....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Hamsa-The Swan

Hi all. I am going to post free patterns on Friday once again. I have been very busy these past weeks and still am. But many of my friends have requested me to continue to post these designs. So here I am:

This is once again Hamsa or Swan. This is a traditional Indian motif, folk motif. I found this block printed on a cloth. I have improvised it because the original one was not much suitable for embroidery or painting.

This can be used for embroidery or fabric painting also on greeting cards. Chain, Satin, Stem Stitches can be used. Or the outline can be done in Chain or stem and can be filled in with any of the filling stitches. Cotton and silk threads are best suited. Kundans, metallic threads can be used for a different look. Embroidering the entire motif with gold thread (on off white or other dark coloured back ground) of same or different thickness can be used. Similarly embroidering with silver on black or blue coloured back ground will also be beautiful. Well the choice is endless for a creative mind.

These motifs are good for saris, blouses, dresses or even for bags etc. 

Watch out for free pattern every Friday.....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Glass Pendants

Here is one pendant I picked up in some exhibition. It is made of glass a bit chunky and heavy. I liked it at first sight.

But, having bought it, I am now in a quandary as to how to use it. Which beads would be suitable? I need to get beads in peacock blue, that too ceramic I think and they need to be big. Well it is difficult to get them here I think. But I want to try something new-not just beads.

I need to think about this.

Any ideas guys? 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Floral Torans

Here is one more Toran. I don't think I can exactly call it a Toran, since it is not hanging from the door jamb or the upper part of it. But just have a look at this: 

This is made of Gerberas, pink yellow and orange and was placed just on top of the main door. One can either use a single colour or two or multi coloured flowers. This concept of single or multi coloured flowers can even be continued inside the house. That is, flower arrangements at corners or side tables, dining table or in vases etc.   

I like this idea of decorating the doorway-something different and modern. 

You can also see the marigold flowers. Actually they were hanging on either side of the door frame too. I could not capture that. 

Next time you can try it too for parties or pooja. It would look so different.

Showers Of Blessing

We have to regularly check our stock of provisions in rainy season. Due to heavy moisture in he air, they get spoiled easily. so we clean them and keep it in the sun. My mother placed some Jowar (Sorghum)which I use for making rotis (bread) as well as for feeding birds. But she forgot to bring it inside in the evening. It rained heavily during next two days. None of us remembered the Jowar. On the third day I saw the container full of water. So I drained them and threw it in a corner in my garden thinking that birds may eat it. But next day I was happy to see this:
They started germinating. And then the next day:
Most of the seeds have germinated.
See the seeds are still clinging to the leaves. You can also see the rain drops glistening ... How such a big plant is stored inside such a small seed....Isn't God great? If this is not a miracle then what is?

I remember the popular hymn. I love this hymn a lot.

There shall be showers of blessing 
This is a promise of love 
There shall be seasons refreshing 
Sent from the Saviour above. 

Showers of blessing 
Showers of blessing we need 
Mercy drops round us are falling 
But for the showers we plead. 

There shall be showers of blessing 
Precious reviving again 
Over the hills and the valleys 
Sound of abandons of rain. 

Showers of blessing 
Showers of blessing we need 
Mercy drops round us are falling 
But for the showers we plead. 

There shall be showers of blessing 
Oh, but today they might fall 
Now as to God reconfesing 
Now as on Jesus we call. 

Showers of blessing 
Showers of blessing we need 
Mercy drops round us are falling 
But for the showers we plead...

Well have a good day.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sea Shell Ear Rings

Another pair of Sea Shell Ear Rings. 

I have used heart shaped sea shell chips and Lakshmi Lockets this time. It took me a few minutes to make them. Hope you like them. Watch out for more.....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Red Crystal Necklaces

Here are two pieces I made from Red Crystals. For that you need:

Red Crystals
Gold plated discs
Gold plated nuts( small thin discs)
Clasps (I have used chain and hook type)
String or wire

These crystals are sold string wise either 60 or 100 per string and cost depends on this. This is smallest size and known as cut crystals as the surface has many facets. The light falling on these facets is reflected and gives it a shine. The difference between these crystals and ordinary (uncut ones) is that these look more like made of some precious stones due to their shiny surfaces. There also bigger ones and also transparent and opaque. These are available in rainbow colours. So choose according to your taste and colour preference.

The first one is very simple and does not have any pendant.
I have first stringed a gold disc then red crystal again gold disc so on till I finished with the crystals. Then I have finished off by adding the clasp.

You can add the discs one for every two or three or five beads or more than one gold disc between the beads depending on your taste and choice. it is better to string in a few crystals and gold discs in different combinations to see which one you like and then finally go for the design. You can also use gold beads, stone studded discs or beads according to your choice. 

The second one I have added a simple pendant. Also I have used gold plated nuts between the beads. Near the pendant and in between I used five discs to give it a bit of rich look. Then I finished it off with adding the clasp.

Both these designs I have kept simple so that it can be worn daily or even to work. So try it out...


One more Rangoli

This is 9 to 1 dots and very easy to draw. Watch out for more....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011


It is quite some time that I posted Chain Rangolis, or Mellicka Muggulu. Well here is one.

This is 11 to 1. Hope you like it. More to come-so keep a watch on my blog....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lakshmi Locket Necklace

Another Lakshmi locket necklace. This time a bit different one.

I had a few sand stone beads. First I wanted to make a bracelet matching my necklaces of sand stones I made previously. But again I created this necklace. I used gold coloured beads (medium and very small) and five Lakshmi lockets. Previously I used a round shaped lockets. Now I have used elongated ones. 

I had to use more gold beads in the end to give it length, as I ran out of sand stone beads. The length of this necklace is a bit bigger than choker( I have not measured it)-that is it nestles at the base of the neck. I feel that this way, the lockets can be shown off well. I am planning to create some matching ear rings to go with. Let me see. I am busy this fortnight and may not get time to indulge in my hobbies till month end.

So please do leave your comments on this creation of mine....Keep a watch more to come....