Monday, August 22, 2011

Temples Of India

When ever I travel, I make it a point to visit all important places worth seeing in that city or town. I make sure that I visit temples especially ancient ones and try to collect its history legends associated with it and Sthala Purana-how the temple came into existence and various other aspects related with it. 

Temples of India have always fascinated me since my childhood. Whether for their unique architecture or the legends or mythological stories related to it, uniqueness of the idols and many such things. Each temple has something unique and special. Only very few of these temples are popular today. Many are unknown and are slowly dying away, some are already in dilapidated conditions. 

I feel that these temples should get back their glory. We need to resurrect them because they reflect our glorious past, ancient wisdom, the Vedic knowledge that our sages and saints have handed down over generations and also guide us in the present as well as in the future. Our future generations have a right to know about them. It is our duty to hand over all this to them so that they can also appreciate and benefit from them. Even people of other cultures are interested about India.

So I have started collecting all the info relating to these temples and compiling them in a series of posts for all those who are interested. You can read them here :

There is lot  to be covered by me in my posts. You will be surprised to read about very unique things, like the temple where working people needing transfer to the places of choice are sure to get them, the God half woman and half man, unique Shiva Linga having both Ganga and Parvathi and many more.

Please do take time, visit my blog, leave your comments and suggestions. If you have anything more to share about these temples, especially those who are local to that area or have more knowledge about the temples or places, I request you to share the photographs and the information, so that I can put it all together. Feel free to contact me on my email. You can also send in articles as a guest. I will post them along with your bio .

Hope you like my posts on Temples Of India.....

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Padma said...

Your efforts in this regard are appreciable. The next generation must have this knowledge. I love reading these stories about different mythological characters. Your way of detailed writing is quite informative.