Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coral Pink Beads

I am making a lot of jewellery these days, preparing for an exhibition. But even before that my pieces are being sold away. My designs are unique and I have very limited numbers and the cost is affordable. I am not interested in making too much profit. Just a little over cost of materials is enough for me. I am selling because I want to create more and I cannot keep all those with myself. May be that is the reason for the sales.Well I am happy...

Here is one coral pink beads I am working on. The beads are not coral but artificial. I have a rose pendant and ear studs set for that. I am half way through.
So keep a watch on coming posts where I will be posting my final product.

Oh by the way keep a watch for a GIVE AWAY CONTEST...I am going to give away some of my Jewellery soon.....

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