Sunday, May 15, 2011

Punkhas From India

India is a country where summers are very hot and humid. If  it is near a river or sea the humidity is still more. In order to combat this humid climate, one used fans known as "Pankhas" in Hindi and "Visenakarralu" in Telugu.

Pankhas were of two types. The huge ones, rectangular in shape, made of wood and cloth were hung from the roofs. It was operated by a servant by pulling the rope or cord attached to it. These were used by the Royals and rich. It required a man/woman to operate it.

The other type were hand held fans. These were made of natural materials like, bamboo, palm leaves, Vattiveru (Telugu) (khas in Hindi) a fragrant root, cane and cloth etc. Every house had them. Right from a simple model to those decorated with embroidery, painting zari etc were used. Even today we do use them as there are frequent poser cuts and also while travelling. These days fans made of plastic are also available but the traditional ones are still in use in towns and rural areas.

Giving away, an umbrella, a hand held fan, a pair of slippers along with ripe mangoes to  brahmans as well as our relatives, friends and well wishers in the month of "Vaisakham" is considered as good. Those who cannot donate all these do donate, a hand held fan and some mangoes.

Here have a look at some of the Pankhas:

Here is one from my collections:
This is from North East, made of Bamboo and foldable. Above you can see the folded one. below is the unfolded one.

This is a simple one. Painted ones are also available. I have preserved this carefully. we do use them in summers.

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thz gud to recollect our tradition...ths natural fan s absolutely cooling...

Anonymous said...

Nice article, it is bringing out the good of our local traditions