Friday, May 13, 2011

My Posts

I lost four of my posts-two published and two scheduled for publishing. Today morning I just could not sign in. first I thought something was wrong with my blog. But then came the message that some problems were noticed during the scheduled maintenance . So the services were placed on read only mode.

Anyway now the problem is fixed. But only thing is some of our posts made after 11th May have disappeared. I lost four of mine-two published and two to be published. Anyway they are working on it.

Thanks a lot to the team of Blogger, who have worked for restoring our blogs. I know they have worked very hard to fix up the problem and restore the services. Thanks a lot.

I just hope we get back back our lost posts back. I am going to wait and see. No point in posting the same again, if it is going to be restored.

You can read about all that here, if you have missed it:

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