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Monday, May 9, 2011

Learn With Me-Macramé

I have been thinking of trying my hand at Macramé for so long. On one of my trips to buy some plastic ropes for my clothes line, I happened to visit one shop which was selling amongst many things, some cords. I picked up a few varieties thinking of trying out something out of it. I was thinking of Crochet actually.

But These are good for Macramé. Have a look at some of the cords.
These are three of the colours I picked up. I also bought some more colours, but could not photograph them. I will post them later.

This is a gold cord with green and red highlights. I liked its grand look. I am trying out some knots and also trying out my hand at some projects. So I am going to post my experiments.

So come learn with me Macramé...I am going to post some tutorials of knots as well as my projects......

Keep an eye on my blog.........


srisandhya said...

So looking forward to this! I really love Macramé patterns and the products! They're so elegant and pretty..

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Sandhyagaru

How to Macrame said...

I'm a long time macrame fan myself, I think its a great project to take up this summer! if you are looking for instructions, patterns or just
how to macrame you can check out my macrame blog. enjoy!