Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jewellery-Latest in Fad


I love Brooches as they can be used on saris or dresses. I collect them in a variety of shapes and materials. here is the latest additions to my collection:

           Butterfly Brooch in Blue
I loved these butterflies on sight-light and dark blue with stones. This will match my other accessories in blue.
             Floral Wreath in Pink
This flower and leaf wreath, in pink and red I picked up to match my accessories in pink or red.

Sometimes I just pick up a piece for no reason at all. Later on I get other accessories to match them by chance or by luck. But then I have to wait patiently...:)..Shopping on budget and being very choosy to pick up very unique and classy ones is not easy...

Just keep an eye more to come......


Anonymous said...

lovely collection Ms.Sharma!Thk u!!

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You