Sunday, May 8, 2011

Indian Jewellery-Kids Special

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We women love jewellery. Don't we? Some love more, some less but in general whether we buy them regularly or not, we do admire, window shop, discretely check what others are wearing or refer to women's magazines for latest trends.

Indian women wear a lot of jewellery. It is a tradition with us since ancient times. From the moment a girl child is born, buying jewellery for her begins. Moms buy jewellery keeping in view their daughters. Relatives and friends also try to gift jewellery. This may be because in olden days (even now), gold and silver or gems in the form of jewellery were the best investments for women in case of emergencies, for dowry as it is a tradition to give dowry when a girl is married. usually the property of mother (women) passes off to her daughters. 

ANY WAY, when I go shopping, I shop for my mom, my sis and my niece apart from my self. My mom wears only gold jewellery. But we sisters and my niece can  wear contemporary ones. So I am always on the look out for variety and new fashions. Many of my friends too ask me to help them too.

Last time I went shopping, I picked up some pieces for my niece too. She can wear these only in holidays as her school does not allow her to wear them. Moreover these days it is not safe for the children to wear real gold jewellery or even fake ones which look like gold. I am going to post some at a time.

Here we go...
Look at the tortoise shaped ones in different hues. I just could not stop myself from picking up these.The ball shaped studded with stones in different colours. These can be worn both by children and teens too to match their dresses.
This one is antique silver like hangings made of white metal, studded with different coloured stones to match the dress. These look chick and elegant. suitable for young ones and teens too.

These too are made of coloured beads in different colours.

All these are quite affordable and even if they last for an year it is more than enough. Children have the tendency to loose their jewellery. So it is OK if they loose one of these as these not so costly.

Keep an eye...I am going to post more  on jewellery.....

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Padma said...

these are very cute and suitable for kids and teens