Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been busy for the past three weeks or so with my mom's surgery. She was recovering but again had some infection. Any way now she is recovering but needs to be looked after another eight weeks or so to fully recover. I have to take care of her take her for her check ups and all. With the temperatures reaching unbearable levels, I just am barely coping with all my responsibilities.

I could not post much. I am sorry that I could not post my Free Pattern this week. I will try to post if possible because all my stuff is in a muddle and I need to sort out.

Hmm by the way, these days I have a Tom cat- a stray gold coloured one who has made my  home as his adda (hangout). he tries his best to steal a drink of milk or curd. But till now we have out witted him. He is always snoozing around. So lazy, I don't know when he gets to have his food. 
His favourite place is under the diwan (a wooden cot) in my back yard. Its cool there because of the shade of the trees. Hmmm he is lucky. I wish I could also sleep like him  with out a care in the world.

I have my hands full right now with my mom. but still I am trying out various new crafts. Keep a watch on my blog... I will post some soon....

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