Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recycled Crafts

Bird Feed

Our grand mothers and mothers never threw out any thing unless it was totally useless. They first of all used less, then recycled and reused. Many a foll made fun of it or laughed branding them as misers. But my gran and my mom always followed the principles of waste not, Want not, a Penny saved is Penny earned ....They had huge families to look after with friends and relatives dropping in. The men were not bothered about the nitty-gritties of home management. It was the domain of the lady of the house. So how did they manage all those expenses yet ended up saving something for the rainy day? By spending only when required, recycling, reusing and helping others by giving away what they did not require. 

I admire the philosophy and follow it. These days it has become a fashion and also a need for such a policy.

I wanted to share with you some recycled crafts for long. But did not get time to do them. However since it is summer and kids are having holidays, this the best time to post them so that they can try it.

Here is a feeder with water for the birds. This is very simple and easy to make.

A plastic plate
Two containers
3 Twigs
Jute twine

I had some much used Melamine plates. I wanted to recycle them so used one in this project. The containers I used for the feed and water were a discarded melamine cup and a snack container-both of which I would have thrown other wise. Jute twine we have plenty at home for various purposes like typing up plants amongst other things. The twigs are from the curry leaf tree. Once in six months we need to trim it heavily to get fresh leaves. This time we saved some twigs. These twigs (small ones) are also used as tooth brushes and are good for teeth. You cane use any thing even bamboo.

Actually this project was started to pacify my niece who was bored and started crying. She could not go out and play because of the hot Sun. So she made this under my supervision.

Step 1
I have selected twigs and cut them to all to required size. 

Step 2
Tie the ends of the twigs placed in triangular shape, with the twine and secure it tightly with knots. 
Alternately you can make a square one

Step 3
Cut 6/9 strands of twine equal in length sufficient enough to hang it from the branch. Take two strands and make a twisted rope or take three strands and make a braid. Make 3 ropes for each side.

Step 4
Tie these ropes to each of the edges of the triangle we made of the twigs. Secure them properly. Now hold all the 3 ropes together at the top, adjust and tie them with tow or three knots.

Step 5
Select a shady place on one of the trees in your garden and hang it. Now place the plate. Adjust it so that it sits properly. Place the containers in it and add bird feed and water. Change the water daily once or twice as required. We can also add slices of fruits and vegetables to the plate.
My niece placed some stones in the plate to balance it and save it from winds as well as give it some natural look.

Just try it out and see.


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