Friday, April 22, 2011

Kalamkari-The Art of Painting fabric with a Pen-5

Kalamkari Borders and Patches

Well Just the other day I made a brief visit to pick up some craft and fabric supplies. I found out that the Kalamkari, borders and patches are still in fashion. Wow! I still have some left over ones, which I wanted to attach to my saris.I think since they are still in fashion I can go ahead. Any way hand crafted items or hand looms are never out of fashion.

Here are some from my collections:

            Ambari Elephant

Ambari means carrying someone-usually a king. I have this border with me. I need to search my stash to see how much is left over.
I love these butterflies. A peculiar shade of green with yellow. 
I also have some of these elephants. I think these should go along with the butterflies above. I have some plain cotton saris on which I can appliqué these.

When ever I buy my craft and fabric supplies or I go with my friends, i end up buying some things if they catch my fancy. But I don't have have any particular sari or dress in mind for these. Later on I think of using them. Some times some pieces or extra ones are left over.

I need to sort out my stash. But I feel list less and don't feel like doing any thing at all for now.

Keep any eye on my blog...more to come...


Anonymous said...

Hi,May i know where can i get this in Pondicherry??

Ms Sharma said...

They may be available in shops selling laces, borders and kundans etc. I an sorry I don't have any idea of shops in Pondicherry.