Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kalamkari-The Art of Painting fabric with a Pen-3

So far I have posted a brief sketch on Kalamkari, what it means, its origin and history and the process in brief. As they say a picture is worth thousand words and if it a video it is even more better. I am posting some videos here from YouTube.

The process of Kalamkari is very tedious time consuming and as I have posted earlier, it involves many stages. Just have a look here.

You can see how tedious and difficult this process is. In fact all hand looms involve a very careful and dedicated work. That is why I love and try my best to encourage them. The artisans work so hard and create master pieces, yet their lives are spent in misery, as they don't get paid enough.

Here Have a look at the design being constructed by a Master Craftsman. He is so skilled and deft. 

Here is a link to a brief info on the art

Hope you like them...Watch out for more

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