Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Swan Motif 

Its Friday and time for a Free Pattern. It is a Swan or "Hamsa/Hansa" or "Raja Hamsa" the royal swan. Its gait is supposed to be beautiful and many a poet equates a beautiful damsel's gait with that of a Raja Hamsa. 

Hamsa or swan has inspired our textile designers. Last time it was from a block print. Now this is from a woven motif-woven with zari or gold thread as a border on one of my mom's saris. Here it is:

     Swan or Hamsa Motif

Now this a classic or traditional Indian motif handed down over generations as a sculpture on temples or woven on textiles or may be painted on paper or fabric. This motif can be used for block printing, painting or embroidery.

I hope you like this. I would love to have your comments, suggestions, preferences if any on these patterns please....Keep a watch there are some surprises to be shared with you all..

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