Thursday, April 14, 2011

Batik on Silk

I have had this silk sari for some time now. In fact it is quite old. It is one of my favourite. Me and my sis both bought the same sari-her's was baby pink. She wore it down with in two-three years. But mine is still there. In those days it was called paper silk. It is very simple and sober, so I selected it at that time. I wear it now and then but rarely.

Here it is:
The sari is covered with these motifs.
This is border at the bottom and a part of pallu.
This is how the pallu looks.

I feel I should embroider or do something to give it a revamped look. the silk is thick enough to hold it. Any suggestions of how I can improve it and change its look so that I can wear it like a new one?

If it is to be embroidery, which stitches/ Should I highlight the design or cover it off/ whether to use matching coloured thread or contrasting if so which colours? 

Or is it better to make it into a quilt?

So many thoughts are in my mind but I am not able to decide. Can some one help me please?


maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

This sari is very beautiful it would be a shame to make it into a quilt-what about some tiny sequins in the flower detail!

Ms Sharma said...

oh Yes that is a very good idea. Thanks a lot.

Ranjana said...

Hi Ms. Sharma,

I loved this blog. Your collection is amazing. And like the way you explain each bit of it.

Ms Sharma said...

Thank you Ranjana