Friday, April 29, 2011

At Last!

I am a very passionate gardener. Well what ever I take up, I do it passionately. Anyway, I have had many a success and also failures in my gardening ventures.No one can be totally successful.

Plants are like children and pets. They need so much care, looking after and love. Even after that they may not survive. I talk to them, coax them admonish plants can understand all this. I also sing to them mostly when ever I get a chance..that takes care of my daily riyaz(practise)...:)

Well one of my failures which consistently repeated itself was fruiting of Papaya. You know during the past so many years I have planted so many Papaya plants. I used to nourish them carefully but when they start to flower only then I would know that they were all male trees. They give out flowers at the end of long stalks and no fruit. I had to remove the plant. Well my family and friends used to make fun of me. There was no way of avoiding this as one cannot know it till it flowers.

This went on year after year......

But now Thank God the Jinx has been broken. My Papaya plant turned out well and this is my first fruit. 

So I am celebrating....:)

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Deepa said...

Congratulations!! Reminded me of my parents struggle to get a female Papaya :) They were ecstatic when they finally got a couple :)