Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hmmm...of  late I am feeling so tired and stressed out and also lazy. I have penned so many Rangoli Borders on various themes and also some Rangoli Patterns and Designs. But I am not able to photograph them. I will do now and also need to pen properly some of my created designs. Well here are some more Rangoli borders-with dots:

                Rangoli Borders
These are drawn using dots. We can also draw with out the help of dots but when we use dots the symmetry and size is maintained.
                  Rangoli Borders

Hope you like them. Some more next time....Just keep a watch on my blog...


sasha concepcion said...

Hi, first of allow me to say nice blog and you have a wonderful rangoli designs. I would like to ask your permission to post them to pinterest account Thank you!

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Sasha. Post it on Pinterest. As long as my blog address is mentioned, I don't mind.