Sunday, March 6, 2011


Lotus Rangoli-10-Lotuses N Butterflies

Friends this is my 100th post on Rangoli. Till now I have tried my best to post on various themes. there are many more themes to be explored and new Rangolis created. there is so much I want to share with you all.  One more thing is I am not able to post some Rangolis for special occasions and festivals on time so that you can use them on that day.

From now onwards I will try my best not to miss out on such occasions. But As I am mostly travelling, it is very difficult to find time to properly pen these Rangolis and post them. But I will try. 

I would also like to know your suggestions and comments or requests on this topic.

Here I am sharing with you one more Rangoli on Lotus.

               Lotuses N Butterflies
This is the center portion.
21 to 1 dots should be placed as shown above. Join the dots to get Rangoli as shown in the photo above.

Hope you liked it. Do drop in your comments...Thank you

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Nice Design