Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heliconia Flowers

Heliconia -is a flowering plant covering around 200 species of plants. The word has been derived from the Greek Helikonios. These are also referred to as Wild Plantains, Lobster Claws and False Bird of paradise. These flowers are in different shapes but resembling mostly and in shades of reds and greens and oranges

I have these in may garden and when they flower they are really beautiful. It starts with one bud and keeps on giving out one in two three days. Here is the first days flower.

To me it looks like the beak of a bird. I love the red and green colour combination. Watch out for more photos as I will post its progress.


Katy said...

I have been enjoying your blog this evening! Your peacock motifs, the embroidered butees, and your beautiful helconia flowers seem so tropical and far away! Thank you for the lovely mini vacation.

Katy said...

Ms. Sharma,
I have been enjoying your blog this evening. Your peacock motifs, the rangolis, and your beautiful garden seem so warm and exotic. Thank you for the mini-vacation, Katy

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot Katy