Sunday, March 6, 2011

Embroidered Butees-10


Here is the last butee in this series. This one is smallest of the available. I bought this for the blouse to match the sari as well as some to be used for the sari itself.
                  Peacock Butee-Small
                     Peacock Butee-Small

All these butees were available in different sizes, designs and shapes. Some were filled with heavy work and some were very simple. The price depended upon the size and  amount of work done etc. I choose a few of the variety for my sari. It will take some time for me to complete attaching them. I will post the pictures as soon as I have completed the work.

Friends I have given all the butees in detail so that you may note down and use it in your works. I enjoyed sharing them with you. Hope you have enjoyed too.

Keep an eye on my blog. I will post some other butees  next time.......


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Anonymous said...

awesome work, Ms. Sharma. Your work is really helpful <3 :)