Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

A New Year Tradition

Its Friday again. I am not able to post one of my patterns this week. But here is something for you.  As I was browsing through some sites, this one held my attention

Its so nice to read about these traditions. The author- Patty Inglish MS wrote about the tradition of making pillow cases for New Year in her home and also gave the simple method for stitching the cases. However the reason/story behind the tradition could not be traced by the author.

I loved to read about it.  It touched my heart. It made me remember the tradition my mother followed for New Year. She rearraned the furniture as we didnot have much money to buy lavishly. She made new drapes, furnshings and bed and kitchen linnen out of scraps, used saris or other material. But she made them so beautifully emblished with embroidery and chrochet that no one could make out that they were made from old and used clothes.

What ever be the country or the race or religion we are all humans and are similar in many ways. We all have customs and traditions. Following them remembering them is fun. This way we can learn about each other and about our countries, culture and life styles.

You too read this....and let me know.....if there is a story behind the tradition of making of pillow cases for New Year...

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