Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Peacock Motif

Friends here is a free pattern as usual on Friday. I missed out last two weeks as I was out travelling.
                   Peacock Motif
This is a Peacock motif. Peacocks are native to India and are found in jungles of Northern and Southern India. They are really beautiful. At the onset of Monsoons or when the sky is overcast, they spread out their beautiful feathers. It is a sight so beautiful that one can only see for oneself. It cannot be described. The way they call out to their mates...peehu so melodious...reminds me of the monsoons, over cast skies and dancing peacocks.

Peacock has special place in our religion. It is the "Vahana" (vehicle or carrier) of Lord  Karthika or Subrahmanya. He is son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.  Lord Krishna wears peaocock feather in his hair/crown.

So it is no wonder that peocock is one of the most popular subject for painters and artists. whther is is painting on paper or fabrics, on the walls as murals or embroidery or weaving it as a border or motif on sari or pallu, it has and still is very popular motif. This is a classic as well as contemporary motif. I picked it up from block printing on a sari.

Just use your imagination and see how you can create something beautiful from the motif. Kundans, beads, stones, pearls, silk threads, gold or metallic threads, gold or other metallic purls, silk ribbons can be used. Running, satin, herring bone, chain or other stitches can be used for this.

So let me know how you have used it...or how you like it. Will post more if you want.just let me know your choices or preferences..Keep watching my blog for more...

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