Sunday, February 27, 2011

Appliquéd Sari

Machine Appliqué 

I am back home for a short time. Its cooler here and very cloudy. It  seems that it rained here day before yesterday-a torrential rain for a few hours causing water logging and traffic jam. Well India is India. We have to live with all this. Its called LIFE.

Oh now coming to the point, I wanted to share with you this machine appliquéd sari. Every year during Jan to March, we Indian women buy cottons in preparation for the Summers ahead.

OK. This is once again a cotton sari from Bengal. Well I love the cotton saris from Bengal. They are very soft yet stiff, come in pastels and dark shades, good colour combination, beautiful borders. The range is also very good, a measly Rs.150/- to Rs 3000/- and above. They are also available in plain or with butas or other designs- hand woven. These designs can be small or big. But what I like about these saris are that, they are adorned with embroidery, appliqué, bead work or crochet- something new each year. 

Alas I dint have much time to go through the latest new arrivals. So I missed out on some real new creations. But I bought this machine appliquéd. 

This is a creamy yellow coloured  sari with a maroon striped border and pallu. It has flowers and vines appliquéd on it as you can see. The cloth used for appliqué is Organdy cloth. Mirrors have been used for the center of the flowers. The appliqué work has been done by machine embroidery.

    Machine Appliquéd Sari from Bengal

Just go through the pictures. See how they have appliquéd the flowers, leaves and the vines on the sari, border and pallu. 

Would like to know about your comments and suggestions please...keep watching

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