Thursday, November 11, 2010

They are back ...

Aha! My mom says that fashion is cyclical in nature. That is what was once a fashion some time back may go out of fashion. But it will again come back. For example the puffed sleeves for blouses were very much in fashion during late 60s. It came back into fashion after a gap. When the movie Devdas was released again puff sleeves became a rage since our beauty queen Aishwarya wore it in that movie.

Any way my mom's theory is correct. Remember the Velvet blouses? They were in fashion some time back-10 years or 15 years/ I don't remember. But now they are back with a bang. They are easy to wear ready-made, easy to wash and quite soft. They are available in all dark colours of pink, red blue green etc. But now they are also available in light shades of pink, Henna green, Sky blue etc. Apart from that they are also available in prints. 

They can be teamed with many a sari as they are plain. If we are bored with the plain look we can always stitch, beads, gold thread, sequins, mirrors, silk or metallic threads. I brought a plain black one. Let us see i plan to use gold thread and gold sequins for embroidering on it.

Here is a glimpse of the plain blouse.
It was very difficult for me to photograph it because of its shine. So perhaps you cannot see the cut properly. I will try to take one more shot and post. I chose black since it goes well with many coloured saris.

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