Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pink N Gold Sari

I promised you that I would post pictures of my sari after attaching the lace so here it is. Actually I bought a new sewing machine some time back. But with me being so busy, I just could not get acquainted with it. 

This week end since it was raining heavily, me and my mom wanted to enjoy watching some good old black and white movies. The I thought I should try some sewing too. So I got to acquaint my self with my new machine while watching two of the oldies. Well it will take me some time to get perfection, as I don't get the time to sew quite often.

Anyway here it is. 

I have one pink and gold tissue sari. To that I attached a frilled lace as edge and also stitched on an embroidered lace as border.
This is the pink and gold frilled lace matching my sari. Actually now I think I should have used a contrasting coloured lace instead.
Here I am attaching the lace to the top side (the last two meters of the sari near the pallu which shows when we wear it), on the edge of pallu and also on the other side (bottom) of the sari. I used the entire nine meters for it. 
This is a yellow green embroidered lace on maroon back ground. It also had zari (gold thread) work as well as mirror work(no the glass mirrors). I used almost most of the nine meters.
Here is a closer look.
Well I attached this lace as a border. This how it looked.
The sari looks like this.

I still have to stitch something else on it. Just wait and see I will post again. Please do let me know how it looks.

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Anonymous said...

Its looking so beautiful after attaching the frilled and embroidered lace. Other wise it was a simple sari. I have a similar sari but different shade. I have been wanting to do some work on it and searching for something suitable. Now that I have seen these laces, I will attach one. Thanks for sharing your work.