Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am busy

Hi friends, I am very busy again. Travelling as usual and at a hectic phase. I am so tired but there is no way out. Actually I am not happy about my other two blogs where I am not able to post anything despite so much I want to. But that takes lot of time. Any way I can't do much now. With the continuous rains and all this I am tired. Weather forecast says, there would be yet another cyclone. Oh God! This year its raining like anything. But the water table, all our rivers, ponds lakes and other water bodies  do require water. However, these rains and wet weather does put a damper on our daily chores like washing, cleaning and shopping. Well let us see what happens.

Its very difficult for a working person like me to maintain a blog. Apart from that, I have this urge for creativity in various media. Hmmm but that's what satisfies my soul.

So bear with me. When I am back I would like share with you all my Diwali celebrations, some lovely torans and much more. So keep an eye on my blog.

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