Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Embroidered Butees-2

Here are some more butees:
These are Kairi (Hindi) or Mamidi Pindelu (Telugu) meaning mango fruit shaped or Paisely. You can see the green and white stone with the zari(gold) work.
This  is on velvet with zari and kundans.
Here is one more motif a slightly different one but again paisley.
These are small in size. Bigger sizes are also available. I am going to attach them to my sari. Just give me some time. Right now I am busy with so much work.

Keep an eye on my blog...I am going to post finished sari and also more embroidered patches....So what do you think?

Please leave your comments and  suggestions. I will be very happy. Also let me know what you would like me to post about.


Anonymous said...

These butis are looking beautiful. Can you post a tutorial on how to attach them to saris or kurthis please? I dont know much about embroidery or stitching

elliesue said...

I have just had a look at your blog and it is very interesting. I know nothing about Indian Culture and am fascinated to find out about the embroidery of your saris and other things which I must confess I know nothing about. I am a member of Hand Embroidery Work also, hope to get to talk to you.

sailaja said...

Thanks a lot friends. elliesue Thank you. Keep a watch on my blogs I am going to post more on our culture arts n crafts, cuisine etc

Dr Sonia S V said...

First time on your blog and am fascinated. Though an Indian myself I always feel our culture is so rich and diverse that there is so much to discover and learn. Our arts and crafts itself is so exciting.
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

ladiescampus said...

very nice