Thursday, October 14, 2010


Rangoli Borders using dots

No matter how beautiful our Rangoli is, unless it is surrounded by borders, its beauty remains incomplete. Some of my friends were asking me to post more borders for Rangolis. It takes time for me to remember what I created  long back as I don't have any record of that. I am also creating many more now. Any way I will try to post some at a time. This time I am posting borders that can be drawn with the help of dots.

If you remember in my previous post I have posted some borders drawn with free hand. No doubt we can draw the borders with out the help of dots, it still is easier to draw them with the help of dots. they come out very neatly. 

Here are some:
You can see the dots in black and how to draw the designs.
These are very easy to draw.

Here are those which are a bit bigger in size. But by placing dots close you can reduce the size and vice-versa. 
Hearts, triangles and butterflies....

Hope you like them. do leave your, comments, suggestions and any requests for a particular pattern or design. I would appreciate that very much.

This is at present a dying art. Inspite of many women still continuing this art form, and men also taking up this with a passion, so many new forms or varieties like Rangolis in water, free hand Rangolis etc., are being created and added. But the original art form, the traditional designs are dying out. Even I don't remember so many of the designs which are specially drawn on special occasions like the Dhanurmasam, Sankranthi etc. One form of drawing the Rangolis-free hand using lines which we call as Dravidian style of Rangoli drawn especially during the one month of Dhanurmasa(when the Sun enters, Sagittarius) and the ones drawn during Sankranti-like Daarula Muggu (path ways) to enable the lord into the house, and that design which does not allow Sankurmaya into the house, chariots etc are all being lost. 

Recently when I visited my native place, I interacted with the women of older generation and they could give me some patterns. 

My sincere effort is to keep this live and pass it on to the next generation, so that this art form is live. Hope you all help me in this. please do contribute if you have any old and traditional designs. Send them my email and I will post them. you can also share your experiences with this art form please especially the seniors.

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Padma said...

These borders are cute looking

Anonymous said...

very beautiful