Monday, October 11, 2010

Rangoli 46

One more of the Floral Rangolis. I love flowers. This is very small and simple design. 
This is 13 to 7 dots. Flower in the center and surrounded by  leaves. The flower resembles the white flower below it is known as rekha(single petal) Nandivardhanam. 
Don't you see the similarity. Many of the folk arts, rural arts including Rangoli were inspired by every day images. These flowers are very abundant, common sight in South India and used in worshipping Lord Shiva. They flower profusely through out the year and are also very good for health. So the above Rangoli has been inspired by this flower.

I think you can notice the similarities.


Walden said...

Very lovely, you can definitely see the similarities.

Sailaja said...

Thank you Walden