Friday, October 8, 2010

Rangoli 43

Yagya Vatika 
The Rangoli patterns have names too. The same pattern may be called differently by different people. But some of the old ones have mostly the same name or similar names. 
Any way my granny used to call this pattern as Yagya Vatika or Yagya Kundam.
Yagya means sacrifice. This is performed by putting  certain specified things into the sacred fire depending on the reason for which it is performed. The offerings are usually ghee (clarified butter), flowers, herbs etc. This fire when burns these things has medicinal properties and cleanses the air, atmosphere. The bhasma or the ash that remains is also full of medicinal properties and is worn on the fore head or mixed in water and drunk.
Yagyas require Yagya Kundam or Yagya Kund or bins constructed with bricks, mud and plastered with cow dung. There are many designs of these bins. These have to be constructed very precisely according to the dimensions given in the sacred texts. How to construct, what materials to be used, what is the auspicious, time and place for such constructions, how to perform the Yagyas are all given in the sacred texts.
OK here is the Rangoli. There are many designs in this too. I am posting some here.
This is the first step. Simple designs. These are the basic ones. One can improve upon these as below.
This is the second level design. You can add as many outer rings as possible to make it big.
Here I have decorated the above design with lines and dots. This can further be expanded depending upon the space, creativity and time. Hope you like this simple design very easy to draw.

Some more in my next post. Keep a watch.....

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