Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preparing for Navratras

Hi friends. I think you are all busy preparing for the festive season. Yesterday and today, I had a very hectic day sprucing up my home and garden. But alas! though every year I follow Navratras very religiously, keeping fast offering pooja morning and evening, this year this is not possible as I have to go out again tomorrow. As you know it is very difficult to keep fast and offer prayers while one is travelling. As a child I am a very ardent devotee of Mata and have never missed out on this occasion, except for this time. But that cannot be helped. Though I cannot follow the elaborate rituals, I do meditate as this period is very auspicious.

Any way, I  still have so much to do before I leave. Wanted to shop for a nice silk Kanchivaram for me, my mom and sis. But no time at all. Also have to buy furnishings before Diwali and have to stitch them. I don't know whether I can do all this. Well I am an optimist if I start now, I can at least complete it for Sankranti..:) :) Isnt it?

I have lots of projects. When I visited Pratima's blog- here is the address:

I remembered that I have to do a lot. Especially my many unfinished projects. But with all this travelling I dont have time or energy to do any thing. Oh by the way do drop in at her blog. You can see some very lovely works. I like her blog.

Oh I was busy with some kitchen projects today. I am posting some recipes on my other blog. So just have a look. 

Well one more thing. I have this very bad habbit of doodling. I carry a sketch pad, pencils and pens and when I am travelling i.e., in the bus or train or car I keep on doodling. And when I go back to my room after a days hard and tiring work, I take out my pad and keep on doodling till I relax and forget everything. 

Be it the towns, or villages, the greenery, the scenic beauty, all motivate me. But I am afraid I don't have the time to give them all a proper shape. I want to paint them in water colours or in oils some day. 

Any way, I keep collecting, rangoli patterns, motifs-mostly folk/tribal, also from the temple architecture and create my own designs for painting and embroidery. Well I have quite a large collection. I will share them with you. But that may take time as I have to properly pen them first, and then post them. But do keep a watch. I will certainly post them.

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