Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beautiful Borders/Laces-3

Frilled Laces

Here is one more type of lace- frilled laces. These are very small in width and available in many colours, including, gold, silver, white, black and other shades. One variety is plain and simple, one has a line of gold or silver running in the middle as well on the edge and another type is mixture of colour and gold or silver.

They are being used for edging saris, dupattas(scarves/stoles) and also dresses. They are sold either as 9 meters bundle- the length required for a sari and blouse or by meter as required by us.

Here are some...
This one is yellow -bright colour with a silver line running through the middle and also on the edge.
 This one is gold
 This is silver
 This is green and gold
 This one is blue and silver-I love this one
 These are some colours put together
 White, yellow and pink with silver thread running through the lace.
This one is pinkish orange with gold.

You can see the elastic band at the bottom of the lace. This is stitched on to the underside of the cloth. I have stitched on one of these to my sari. I will post it shortly. these laces are not expensive and are quite popular these days. If you watch the soaps many an actress is wearing a sari that has been decorated with these laces. 

Why don't you try one of these?


Anonymous said...

These laces are beautiful and colourful.

priya said...

these laces are very beautiful.. where do u bought it?

Ms Sharma said...

Thank you Priya. I collect them from various sources. The shops where they sell laces and embroidery patches have a large variety of these things now a days.