Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blouses in Fashion-Benarasi

Friends in my previous post I have talked about the Benarasi Jacquard-how it is is being used for patch/appliqué work on saris as well as for matching blouses. Apart from that women here are going in for teeming plain or even printed saris with such blouses either matching or contrasting colours. 
Here I found a perfect match for one of my saris. 
This is the light blue coloured sari with dark blue border. The sari is made of fine cotton and is from Bengal. The border also has zari(gold thread). It has dark blue butis with thread on pallu and all over the sari. Above is the pallu.
Here you can see the sari with border at the bottom side.
It has border on both sides-top and bottom.
This is the Benarasi jacquard blouse I purchased-ready made. I just loved the combination of light and dark blue perfectly matching my sari. I also love the paisley design
So here is the sari with the blouse. Something bright and different. One can change the look of sari with a different blouse. instead of plain cotton blouse of dark or light blue colour, I went for this. Isn't it looking beautiful?


Madhavi Rao said...

The blouse matches the sari very much. Good find.

Walfrida said...

this sari in blue stole my heart .... Blue is my favorite color .... the border in gold ... the blouse .. everything is perfect!!

Ms Sharma said...

Thank you. Blue is my favourite too