Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Stash-Sea shell Embellishments

This post is in response to the comment from Iniyaal-

These are the embellishments made from sea shells. You can see the heart shaped, petal shaped and also coloured ones. Apart from these they are available in many shapes like flowers, circles, oblong, square etc. and also in different sizes. I have not tested the colour fastness of the coloured ones.

Unfortunately some more of these I had, I gave away and I don't have any pictures of them or any pieces left with me now..
These are breakable so one has to be careful in handling them especially while washing if embroidered onto fabrics.

The ones below are fish shaped. 
You can see the holes in the above shapes. They can be tacked to the fabrics with a thread through them and beads, kundans, etc. can be used to enhance the beauty of the design.

These are available in the shops selling embroidery materials. Hope you do find them Iniyaal... and hope this post was helpful to you....

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