Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learn With Me -Making of Necklace

Friends I have been bitten by this bug-Jewellery making. :) :) 
This is the  first time I am trying my hand at making some....
Here is the first  attempt....

Its very simple one, as I dont have any experience or fancy tools with me...I used what I could find in my brother's tool kit. Here is how to make it:

White metallic bead studded with white stones :
Big size     -1 (one)
Medium sized  -  40 numbers
Gold coloured buttons studded with stones- small size -43 numbers
Silver coloured square bits studded with white stones smallest size-2 numbers
0.45mm wire of sufficient length

These are the ball shaped beads made of white metal and studded with white stones. I chose one big one for the center and forty small ones twenty on each side.
These beads have holes like this.
Then I selected some gold plated buttons (I don't know what to call them) which are studded with small white stones on the sides. 
These are white metallic squares with stones studded on its side.
This is the gold plated clasp-or rather hook and rings.
  • First string a gold button then a small silver bead
  • String twenty silver beads with a gold button after every silver bead 
  • Now string  one silver square
  • Now string the big silver bead followed by the silver square and the gold button
  • String the remaining twenty small silver beads followed bye a  gold button
  • Now pass the string into last one of the rings on one side of the clasp. Wind it to the ring four five times pulling tightly. Now bring the wire down (just after the last gold button) and wind tightly around the re two three times .
  • now hold up the string on the other side so that all the beads come to the side where you have wounded it to the clasp. See that there is no gap left any where in between
  • Now pass this side of the string through the ring on the other side of the clasp and wind it once pulling it tightly so that there is no space left between the beads and the ring. Wind it three four times. Bring it down and wind it to the string (holding the beads) two or three times pulling very tightly
  • Cut off the extra string on both sides of the clasp as nearest as you can and slightly press the ends with pliers so that they don't pierce when you are handling them or wearing them
  • You can also use an ordinary cotton thread that can hold the weight of the beads or nylon thread or fishing wire. I am surprised that fishing wire is available in various sizes and colours.
The end product looks like this. Oh I just placed them in heart shape that's all. Sorry friends I could not photograph them well. Try as I might, the reflection from the stones made it difficult to capture them clearly. This I feel is simple but elegant without being loud. The length is just enough to loosely circle the throat. You can adjust it according to your choice.

The White beads are available in three sizes. The big one I used in the center and the medium ones I used for the rest of the necklace. A smaller size is also available. Also these ones are available in multi coloured stones studded in silver or gold coloured metal. 

Similarly the gold buttons and the silver buttons are available in round and square shapes and different sizes but studded with white stones. I have not found any with multi coloured stones.

All these beads are a bit costly but worth it for party wear specially with a black dress..

Friends hope you like this. I will post more . The latest in fashion in jewelery .......Keep a watch on my blog.

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