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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learn With Me-Making of Necklace-2

Blue and Gold Metallic Beads

Friends, I have been extensively scouring the jewellery market-not the precious metals or gems kind -latest in fashion like beads, crystals etc. which are less expensive but more in vogue. With the prices of gold and silver increasing day by day, these beads have gained popularity. Moreover, since these are stringed they can be redone in a different design if one gets bored by the present one.
My visits to these market is enabling me in absorbing the new trends and fashions. I have realised so much can be learnt just by watching other customers, shopkeepers..and so on. Especially when I meet the designers, whether young and up coming, amateurs or even professionals who visit these bazaars I realise that I can learn so much. I love to watch what they are buying, strike up a conversation with them about the latest fashions. I have learnt about the types and varieties of raw material being used in making of this kind of jewellery, right colour combinations and much more.

Any way here is my second project:

Metallic beads 50 numbers
Gold coloured metallic beads  51 numbers
Wire or String


These metallic Beads are available in three or four colours all pastel-as a pack of 25. I bought two packs of Blue colour. Gold beads which I have used in between the beads are available in various sizes and varieties; mostly round or somewhat oval. They are available in plain, matte finish, cutting designs etc. 

  • Decide the length of the necklace you want and cut the string accordingly after allowing an extra five inches or so for attaching the clasp. I prefer to string the beads first without cutting the wire or string. This way we can cut off the required length after attaching the clasp without any wastage.
  • The length of my necklace is just enough to circle my neck. that is I have not made a long chain.
  • First string in a gold bead then metallic coloured bead followed by a gold bead and so on...till all the beads are finished off.
  • Join the clasp on both the ends by securing the string/wire tightly .
  • I have not used any pendant as I could not find any matching or complementing the blue beads. You can add a pendant.
Here are the pictures...
Blue Metallic beads
Gold Beads. You can see the cut design on them. The cutting on these beads reflects light and makes them appear more shiny than the plain ones.
This is how I string cutting the string only in the end.
This is the finished product.

How do you like it? Isn't this easy? 

This is not only easy to make but less costly as compared to those which we buy ready made. This also allows us to create the way we want it and also gives us immense satisfaction of wearing our own creations.

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