Monday, July 12, 2010

I am excited!

Hi friends. I am excited. This week end I shopped till I was exhausted. You know I did a thorough window shopping and then bought some of what I looked at. Now I am talking about the establishments, laces,  beads, threads.....and other craft materials...:) :)
I am going to do some latest work on my saris. I just need a good two or three days at a stretch without any disturbance. You know or else I loose the track of my creativity, thoughts, ideas, the excitement.... Hmmm! I am not so lucky. But let us see what happens.
I am soooooo excited...I picked up some fabulous things. Oh by the way I am going to try my hand in making some jewellery.
Surprised? Thats me! Trying my hand at oddest things. Well I will first give it a try. I do design some pieces for my friends and my sister but  making it-I used to leave that to professionals. But this time I want to do it on my own. Some simple things. Let us see how I fare. If I like it. I will really give it a go.
Oh do keep an eye on my blog, as I am going to introduce you to some of the latest fashions in jewellery .....

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