Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer wear for Kids

Well I am back, as usual tired and weary. I need to take some time off for myself. Before starting on my tour, I just thought very firmly that I would try to post at least once in two days. I even carried some of my notes and pictures. But alas, after working for nine hours on computers, my eyes were so tired and my back ached so badly-in fact still aching, I just had to lie down quietly before and after my dinner. I am sorry I could not share any thing with you for the past two weeks.

I had long list of sites to visit and also a very tall shopping list. It was hot there where I went. The place where I was staying and working were very far off from the city. With the hot summers, long distance and also due to the safety issues, I could not go out much shopping or visiting sites I wanted to do so badly. Anyway I did some window shopping and picked up few things. But boy the day I went for shopping I was just drinking lime sodas every few minutes and still feeling thirsty. It was a good lesson I learned that Indian Summers, are not to be dared unless we prepare ourselves properly first. Going out between 11 to 4 in the day must be avoided at all costs. But then, no pain, no gain, right?

I want to share the summer wear for the little ones. Since I shop for my niece, I have only the latest in  girls clothing  to share with you. I will try to post few at a time, as I still need to photograph many of them.
Here is the skirt. It is short, and made of fine cotton. You can see the combination of printed cloth and the plain white. There were many colours and prints, but in combination with plain white. The top has elastic, but also has a string. The skirt is very frilly and has a fine muslin underskirt attached to it. There were many sizes and for children and teens too.
This skirt is also cotton but a bit coarse. The design you see is folk. These were available in traditional colours of blue, red, black and yellow apart from the one above. There were also a variety of prints, though limited. This has coin work at the bottom with few small Ghungroos or the metallic bells in different colours of red blue green and yellow, which make lovely sound when the wearer walks. This has elastic at the top.

This is the Ghungroo.
See the folk designs, a peacock but its beak is like a parrot?

Both these skirts are easy to sew. So why don't you just have a try. I want to but boy I don't have any time at all with the pickling season going to end soon, I need to hurry and pickle the Mango. If not we will have the Monsoons raining the showers on us.....

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