Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here I am with some terracotta. You can see a lady with the grinding stone. This is called Visurrayi or Tiragali in Telugu. In olden days this was used for grinding cereals into powder or semolina. Women used to sit together and powder rice or other grains. Andhra women used to sing songs while grinding. These songs have beautiful folklore, reflect their culture, traditions, celebrations and glimpses of their daily life. Now a days we dont find them any where except perhaps in very remote rural areas.

This is a plant container, or can be used as a vase. I liked the horse cart carrying this pot and placed it in my garden. I also like the dangling beads attached to the container.

This is a bullock cart. I have placed this in my garden. This can also be used as a container for flower arrangements.
Hope  you have liked them.  Some more next time.....

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