Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am so tired and stressed out because of my hectic travels and these hot summers. I am still doodling with Knotted Buttonhole Stitch. and Portuguese Stitch. Yet to start on buttonhole eyelet. I have some pictures of Knotted Buttonhole. But need to sort, and trim them before posting and I am still adding more and more to it.

I know I am lagging behind, but then I cant help it. My niece is also having summer holidays. So she is visiting me when ever I am at home. That means I have to shut my work box or else she insists on trying out the stitches. With all these boy I am not able to make much progress. But I am definitely going to post some by thursday or Friday. Let me see.

I have also to work out TAST-1 Stitches which just started. Boy I am a late Kate. But then I am doing it for fun. No pressure at all.Like Sharon has said even if I miss out some of them, I can still work out at least some stitches. All in all its fun. Thank you Sharon. Its really nice of her to motivate all of us.

Keep an eye on my blog friends.

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