Thursday, April 1, 2010

TAST 2010-3Week-Beaded Hedebo Stitch

This was third weeks stitch. Beaded Hedebo Stitch. Visit Sharon B's site for the basic stitch.

Here are my experiments with the stitch. The first one is the original as shown by Sharon.

Here I just practiced it.

Here I tried it in a zig zag fashion

Here I put it in ZigZag pattern
All in one picture.

I need to practice more. But don't have time. Already I am lagging behind and signed up for TAST I too. Look how greedy I am? LOL! Hope I can pull up my socks and get on level with the others this week end as we are going to have a long week end.


Walden said...

I like your hedebo circle.

Sailaja said...

Thank You Walden.