Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have this habit of collecting quotes when I come across them. Iremember them when I come across something which triggers my memory. Recently I have been clicking away in my garden and on my travels. Some of the pictures have made me remember these words... So I have written them on those pictures...
Here I saw a little fellow in one of the flowers in my garden. So I carefully clicked him. How I wish I could also rest in such a beautiful place. Wish I were Thumbelina. But actually this little one was feeling threatened  and was sending warning signals. LOL! He didn't attack me though.
This is a bud of Pomegranate. I love its flowers. There is an Indian love story of Anarkalli -means the bud of Pomegranate)-name given by the great king Akbar who ruled India, to a beautiful girl from Kabul who later fell in love with Prince Salim, son of Akbar. Their love came to a tragic end when she was sentenced to be put into a tomb live. This has been made into movie in Hindi and Telugu languages and was a great hit.
Some say this tree had come from Afghanistan to India. Well I have some in my garden which give out very beautiful and tasty fruits.
Catching a butterfly on camera is easier said than done. Its very difficult unless its resting. But what I observed is in winter time early in the morning they sun themselves to dry their wings or perhaps bask in the warmth. It was then I captured him.

Hope you like them...some more next time

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