Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Little Friend

Everyday I get up at 4O'Clock in the morning and complete my Yoga and meditation. Me, working on my TAST or other projects and my Mom, on some of her own projects, have coffee and discuss various topics from spirituality to mundane things. We talk till the first rays of the Sun slowly start penetrating the black of the night. Its just then I hear this little fella singing chirpily. His call is sharp but sweet. Oops I dont know whether its a he or she. But I think its a he.

Any way he sits on a pomegranate tree of my garden, which is near my window. He seems to be visiting it in the afternoon and evening also. But yesterday in the evening when I was watering my plants, I found him happily singing. I went in and brought out my camera and very quietly shooted him. But could not go much nearer for the fear of sending him away. Any way it will take some time for me to befriend him. I love birds and animals. I make friends with them easily.

Here now is the little one...

He always sits there as if the place belongs to him...I think he is trying to build a nest. I wish he would.
Just when I was thinking that I did not have a good view of him, he hopped on to the rope. Ha ha! He is posing for my photo smart chap! First one side of his profile and then another. He is so handsome.
Black but beautiful.   But then he flew away.  But I will keep an eye on him.....may be I can have some more of his pictures...

Oh! I am so tired after my hectic traveling. But just wanted to share this with you .I could not resist believe me...

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