Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indian Villages-2

Here are some more pictures from my travels. You can see the lone Plam tree, amidst the lovely green fields. Actually Palms are quite common in South Indian country side.
Below is the quite shaded grove on the road side. There is a small tent and also a structure made of mud and dried palm leaves. You can see people relaxing in the shade away from the hot Sun.Isnt it quite beautiful? Usually villagers relax under the shades of trees, chatting up, drinking tea or buttermilk during the hot summer afternoons. Infact its quite cool under the trees than under the tin roofs.
The mountains in the distant and the rolling fileds under the blue sky....
Here is an interesting one. This is a typical village dwelling. The roof top is covered with clay tiles. There is a little shade with tin sheetsin the front yard. In summer it could be quite hot under the tin roof. You can see the clothes drying and ofcoarse the Red hot chillies for which Andhra is famous for, drying in the Sun. I could not capture it properly due to the stones in front of the house. Its quite common to find the agriculutural produce, like corn, lentils, chillies etc, drying out in the front or back yards under the hot Sun.
Here is again the various shades of greens...
This was taken sometime in the late afternoon. So you can see the shadows. 
Hope you have liked them too. Some more next time.....

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