Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enjoying my travels....

Hi Friends. I am busy with travelling and my work. Its quite hot here. I am exploring the TAST second week and third week stitches. But I am afraid I am not able to post the pictures. There seems to be some problem. Its quite frustrating as to why I cannot load them. May be the net I use in the net center is slow or some problem with the computers. I think I have to wait till I get to post these from my own computer at home. Hey the spell check is also not working and I dont know how to make it work. So you may come accross many a printers devils.

Here the people are gearing up for celebrating Sri Rama Navami on 24th. Where I am staying, Lord Rama is worshipped with great reverence. So there is large scale celebrations of Rama Navami. Navami or 9th day of Chaithra month is supposed to be the day on which Lord Rama was born. But here in Andhra Pradesh, his marraige with Sita is also celebrated on the day. If I am lucky, I will be able to can some of the celebrations. I am eager to I used to participate as a child. Now after a long time I am going to do so again. For nine days starting from 24th, these celebrations go on. There are also some special dishes made on this occassion. I am afraid I can only share these recepies only after I come back.

I am also shopping liesurely in my limited spare time, especially for cottons and silks. The range here is mind boggling. Oh I also landed my hands on some of the Kalamkari patches. I am very exicited to share them with you. But alas! I cant. I have also bought some plain saris, on which I can applique them. But that will have to wait till I return home as I dont have any stitching resources here.

So keep an eye on my blog......

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