Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday-Free Patterns

This is a motif of Swan.  Though the tail part looks like that of a peacock. This is a stylised, traditional or classical motif.

Swan is known as "Hamsa" in Sanskrit and Telugu and "Hans" in Hindi. It is  a very graceful, beautiful and mostly silent bird. It is pristine white (most species) in colour. They are also mostly vegetarians. Its graceful long neck, the way it silently glides on the water, its posture while in water or on the shore all add to its beauty. 

In Hinduism a Swan symbolises highest form of wisdom, spiritual knowledge, ethereal beauty and purity. It is said that a swan can separate milk from water and drinks only milk. So also we humans living in this  world are blinded by materialism. We should separate materialism from spirituality (like a swan separating milk from water) and follow the spiritual path to attain the "Moksha" or liberation of soul.

In Hindu Mythology, Swan is the vehicle of Saraswathi-Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. Hence it is considered to be a very smart or wise bird.  It is also believed that "Golden Swans" considered to be Divine birds exist. They come from heaven and visit the famous "Manasa Sarovar in Hymalayas".  Folklore, and other classic literature associated with this bird have many stories to tell. One such story is that the famous Love story of Nala and Damainthi. The righteous, most handsome, most eligible Emperor Nala and the most beautiful, virtuous Princess Damayanthi were brought together by a pair of golden swans. How they love each other and marry and the story that follows is known as "Nala Charitham". It is a beautiful tale of two lovers.

Now the bird Swan inspired many painters, like Raja Ravi Varma. Here it is:

These birds have fascinated weavers too. Different motifs of these birds are painted, block printed, woven or embroidered as motifs or on borders and pallus of Saris. One can find them on temple walls. They are more stylised and very classic in design. The design or patterns vary with the sculptor or the artist.

I have many such patterns of Swan. I will be posting some in near future.



Friends here is one more Rangoli . This time it is Kites. Kite flying is a sport- an ancient one. I will write in details about it some other time. But every child loves to fly Kite. Children collect Kites of different shapes, sizes and colours.  In Northern and Western India this time of the year say August to October and  January to March as the light breeze helps in flying Kites. Sankranthi or Makar Sankranthi or Pongal is celebrated through out India in different ways. Kite flying and competitions in kite flying are much popular during this festival.

So keeping this in view here is Kite Rangoli...
This is 21 to 1 dot. Just see how the dots are placed and joined. 

This is what Rangoli is about-reflecting every day life, celebrating festivals and other events. Women create different Rangolis drawing inspiration from every day life.


I feel free today. After completing my project which involved lots of tension, hard work and what not. I had to struggle for the past six months or so. But boy I am free now. I feel tired, worn out and very lazy. I need to catch up with my sleep. I have this long week end to relax and catch up with all I have missed. I am looking forward to it.

Its cold here. Days are bright and sunny. Night temperatures are not as low as that of the Northern India. We Southerners enjoy the sunny days even in winter. That is one blessing. I am a Sun lover too. :) :) :)...

But still it is colder than the usual. Any ways, I love to relax, snuggling in a warm blanket with a good book, a cup of hot coffee. Watching an old movie-black N white, classics is what I call a heaven. was only a dream...I could not relax today. Had to go out for picking out essentials. So I went and shopped. I love to buy veggies and provisions. The moment I see all those colourful veggies and grains, I am bowled over. My mind starts planning exotic dishes, experimenting with new techniques and creations. My family members are afraid to come along with me for shopping. The amount and variety of groceries, sauces and veggies i pick out, makes them crazy. My brother grumbles that I try to buy whole veggie market.  :) :)

Still they enjoy the meals I prepare. So today i picked lots of vegetables. Actually due to heavy rains and all we are facing a shortage of vegetables. The prices have sky rocketed. Specially Onions, Garlic and Tomatoes.I have stopped buying garlic. Onions we are using very sparingly. But  all the veggies are very costly. Still we cannot do away with them. So I did buy less  but more variety.

Ohh by the way I am creating some special Rangolis for the New year, have been inking my sketches of patterns and designs i collect from various sources and also create on my watch out...

I am going to relax, laze around and  catch up with my do keep an eye..You  may have some surprises very soon.

As I am typing  my thoughts for you, I have suddenly realised that today is the last day of the year. Its a bit sad to bid adieu to old year. But New year brings new hope, new life too. I also need to make some resolutions for this New Year...I am making a list...:) let us see what happens... What about you?

 I am feeling sleepy.. So will post some tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here are some more borders.
These have been drawn with the help of dots. Hope you like them.....
Well use them and let me know.

Keep a watch, more to come......

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Friday-Free Patterns

Friends I am late in posting the Free Pattern. I couldn't post this pattern on Friday. However here it is...
This is a floral vine. You can see the flower, leaves and small berries. This is is a traditional or classic design. I found it on one of my saris with some other motifs. I have drawn only one part. It was a long vine but this part is repeated that's all. 

Floral vines are very popular as classic designs or motifs of India, mainly used to decorate, the textiles, temple walls etc. On temple walls they are sculpted onto the  stones. They are also used on walls as decoration.

You can paint it or embroider it. Chain, Running, Satin stitches, Knot stitch (for berries) would be great. This can be extended by adding the vein above or below or on the sides. This can be used vertically, horizontally or in slanting position. Perhaps, using it in slanting will create an interesting pattern. You can also use silk threads, Zari (metalic threads)  kundans, beads, stones etc for embellishing would make it more attractive, rich  and different.  

Hope you like it. Do give your feed back and let me know how you like  these motifs and designs......

More to keep a watch on my blog.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing You all 

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Friends This is festive season. I know some of you are very busy with Christmas and New Year. I am also busy with the last leg of my project, which I need to finish by this week end. So I may not post much. But I will try. 

Keep a watch though. I promise  that in the New Year I will try to post more on embroidery and crafts....I have surprises for you.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Queen Bees

Here is one more Rangoli-this time Queen Bee. You know, Queen Bees occupy an important position in the colony of bees. Though they are only meant for producing more and more bees, with out a queen bee there is no hive.Worker bees select the larva and develop it into queen bee. She is specially fed and developed so that she can quickly produce the bees. Usually there is only one Queen in a hive. Most of the bees living in the hive are given birth by her. 

My grandma used to say that if queen bee leaves the hive, other bees too follow. Any way here is the Rangoli of queen Bees:
This is 21 to 1 dots. You can see it from above how to place dots and how to join the dots. Hope you like it.

Keep a watch on my blog....More to come......


Celebrating Christmas 

One of the things I love during this month long Rangoli festival is that we get so many occasions or festivals where we can show our creativity through our Rangoli designs.  Since Christmas is fast approaching I am experimenting  on creating some thing based on this theme. 

Here is one of my attempts.
This is 20 dots 2 rows in the center. Then leaving one dot on each side place 18, 16, 14 ....till you reach two dots Placed like this.
Then join as shown in the design. 

I have drawn, bells holy, candles, candy sticks and curly paper ribbons. I have used the traditional colours of Red, Green, white and blue. I tried for the festive look. I hope that I have succeeded in bringing across the same.

So come join me in celebrating the Christmas and the festive season.....Oh! by the way, this Christmas why don't you try something new to decorate your house. How about this Rangoli design on your doorstep, filled in with red and green colours? Wont your friends and family be surprised? So try it out and let me know.

Hope you like them. I will be posting much more...So keep an eye on my blog.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friday-Free Patterns

Elaine thank you so much for your comments. I am glad that you follow my blog and I am glad to know that you enjoy my posts. My thanks to all my friends who follow my posts and also leave comments and suggestions . Your comments motivate me to post more and more.

On Elaine's request I am posting the examples of these motifs (I have so far shared with you) used as designs. Well these have been painted on my sari. These are paintings on fabric as folk/tribal art.  I have a cotton sari cream white in colour which has got these motifs al lover it. 

It looks like these motifs have been first block printed (outline) and then when they have dried out the inner part is filled by using  block printed with required colour. Why I say filled by block print is that if you see it closely, some of the filling has gone askew or come out of the outlines. May be some of the motifs have been filled in using brush. The paint used is fabric paint .

Hope it is clear now Elaine. I like your suggestion. Next time I post motifs, I will also post these used in a design.


Here is one more simple rangoli. Easy to draw.
17 to 1 straight dots, placed one below the other as shown below:
This is only for guidance. You have to place 17 dots till you reach one and join as shown above and colour.
Hope you like it. Keep a watch more to come.


Peacocks Rangoli

I have already said in one of my posts that for Rangoli designs birds and animals along with flowers are the subjects. Peacocks are perhaps the most popular theme for Rangolis. Swans, parrots and parrots occupy the next place. Peacocks are the most beautiful birds just to be seen to be believed. So colourful  so no wonder they are most popular with artists who paint or who create Rangolis.

Here is the design on Peacocks as chief theme.
These are peacocks, Lotuses, butterflies and flowers with six pointed star in the centre.

For this,  21 to 11 dots are placed as follows:
Center Row 21 dots, 
Next Row  20 dots -place in center point of dots of above row 
and so on 
till the final row is 11 dots

See how they are placed.
Join the dots to get the design as shown above.

Hope you like this. This is a bit complicated, so needs a lot of practice. More such to come...

Keep a watch on my blog....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday-Free Patterns

Here is one more folk or tribal motif. 
This is a warrior on his horse. The folk art depicts every day life and all those events which occur in the lives of the people. This includes, fishing,  hunting, agriculture, dancing, marriage, festivals, etc. Motifs inspired by legends and folklore also are quite common.

This motif can be painted or embroidered. Chain stitch running stitch etc many be good. How about Redwork? I think that will also be good.

Hope you like this. Keep a watch for more patterns and motifs to come....

Thursday, December 16, 2010


One more floral Rangoli
This is 21 to 1 dots placed as follows:
Then join as shown in the design above. The borders are drawn by placing extra dots  
Keep a watch more to come.......


Reusable Rangoli-6

Here I am posting some more of button Rangolis I tried. I am yet to try more designs. But here they are:

These designs I have tried keeping in view the chain Rangolis or mellicka muggu

Hope you like them.

Keep a watch on my blog......

Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Friends here are some more borders of Rangoli. They are drawn free hand  - with out any dots.

Hope you like them. I just keep on doodling these designs and if I think they are good then I post them.

Keep a watch...I will post some more...


Another floral one this time. 23 to 1 dots.
Join the dots as shown above. I don't think it is that difficult.

More to come...Keep a watch on my blog.....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Lotus Rangoli-9--Lal Kamal and Neel Kamal

Friends I promised to post some big Rangolis. Here is one. Not so big but yes big.

You have to place 17 dots 7 times. Then on one side leaving one dot of the above row on each side place 15 dots ie., straight  below the dots of the  above row. Similarly place, 13, 11 and so on till 7 dots in the last row. Repeat this on the other side. Then join them as shown above. Colour according to your choice.

This is from my designs of Blue and Pink Lotus series. Hope you like them. Do leave your comments and suggestions if any .

Keep a watch on my blog more to come....

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here is one more of the Rangoli on Diyas. This is very simple.
The basic block is 5X5 dots. I have just added four blocks together. One can just use one block for a small design.