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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Friend

Friends I would like you to meet one of my friends...a stray dog.

I seem to befriend animals and birds easily than humans. As a child when I used to read the fairy tales, wherein it was mentioned that the handsome Prince had so many skills including the skill of understanding and able to converse with birds and animals in their language, I used to be so fascinated. But later on when I had  my own pets I understood how easy it was. One just had to have a kind and compassionate heart. How do mothers understand what their babies want?

Mind you-animals, birds and children have the instinct to recognise good human beings. One cannot fool them. They just become friends quickly with such individuals. Its no joke.

Now here is the stray which became my friend.I don't remember how we met or became friends. Every day early in the morning when I sweep and clean my front yard, she used to come on dot and persuade me to play with it. I used to oblige her or else she would not budge an inch from my front door. After playing for ten minutes or so, she used to go and sleep under the cars parked in the road.

I used to feed her when ever I could. But she  wasn't much interested in the vegetarian fare I used to give her accept for milk. She used to be so thin, I tried my level best to feed her. But no, she  would not accept much. She was so playful and energetic. One more thing was the moment I used to leave for my work she used suddenly appear from no where and give me a send off.

Seeing me playing with her, the children of my street used to play too. For she was very friendly and used to protect them from any outsiders. Here are the photos which I managed to click once with her litter. But she no more now and we don't know what happened to her litter. I feel its loss but then that's the way of life....

A proud mama with her litter
 Always playful especially with her kids
I am fond of kids, even when they are little puppies or kittens or even piglets.....So cute...

Feeding her little ones standing at my door step.


Karthik said...

like the puppies !!

Sailaja said...

Karthik Thank you...Happy New Year to you...

Karthik said...

Happy New Year !