Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Classic Motifs

I love to look at fabrics, flowers, vegetables and fruits when I go out for window shopping. Basically I like the colours and shapes. They inspire me a lot, sometimes just kick the creative thoughts in me. That is why I volunteer for shopping. But then when I am in a shop amongst lots of fabric, I just love it. I have some of my favorite shops, which I visit regularly, to see what is new. I just like to browse on my own, feeling touching, just looking at the colurs, textures and then when I come across something new or unique, my creative juices start flowing.

I used to design my and my sisters, clothes. But now I have restrict myself to my clothes. Of coarse, I design my and my moms saris and get them specially weaved. I just love experimenting with different colours, shapes, motifs and combination of various colours.

Recently I happened to come across this... a very rare print of birds on fabric. I think this feels like a very fine cotton. It is. The colour combination was very good. I think it gave it a very antique and royal look, Something out of the bygone era? The Raj? I don't know whether I have put it correctly or not.

My mom calls it English print. But the flowers, birds and the vines and the leaves all look like the ones that have been carved out on the pillars of Indian temples.

But any ways here it is.. I want to make tunic out of it a long one with full sleeves and Nehru collar...How will it look? any suggestions? Any embellishments needed like high lighting with gold thread or something like that?

Please do leave your comments. I am a bit confused on that....

This is how it looks...

Here is the bird in flight

Here is another bird sitting on a branch. These birds attracted me in the first place.

This is one classic motif. Reminds me of Pomegranate and Moghuls. Is that what it is? Any guesses?

Now here is the flower.

Should I high light these motifs with ordinary floos, silk floss or then gold thread? Whether contrasting or same colored floss?  What do you say? Please do leave your suggestions....


Lakshmi said...

u r rt shailaja..its unique..im envy..haha..
jacobean embroidery is the first thought which came to my mind..
if it is mine i dont go for any embelishments..whr did u get this,,whts the cost..pls let me know

Lakshmi said...

as the prints are having very fine colour blends there is no need for embelishments..
hey is there any chance me getting this piece..just asking..:)

Sailaja said...

Sure why not?
I don't remember the cost. But will let you know by this week end. Only thing they should not have sold it out. Any way how much quantity do you require.

Yes I agree with you. The fabric doesn't need any thing more....

Lakshmi said...

Tahnk u very much shailaja..I need 5 mtrs..mail me the details to sadalas@gmail

Sailaja said...

Sure let me check whether the fabric is still available..I will mail you the details please